Downloading buttocks – philosophy in bikini and testosterone cypionate

Today will be working specifically proposed a set of exercises to create elastic buttocks.

“Philosophy” in the sports category IFBB – BIKINI – training the gluteal muscles. Why all this? Notes “experienced”.

ITEM ONE – “female athletes, whatever fine of conditions, in general, they did not have, in any time do not ignore exercise this muscle group.”

ITEM TWO – “No matter what sport or any other goal you set for yourself, strong, inflated muscles of the buttocks will not hurt you. This statement is based, perhaps, on some Dixit that any girl should at least have a nice “circle.” Those who take part in the competition, all the more necessary to pay special attention to their development.

Any judge will tell you that success often depends on how well bled your “back side”, and I can assure you that virtually every member of the jury has its own distinct look of disinterest during the inspection that demonstrates the athlete on the podium.

The gluteal muscles – this is the body part that is surrounded by the views. ”

ITEM THREE – “The undisputed fact – strong, inflated buttocks look particularly impressive in the women’s version. It is well known also that in addition to the aesthetic aspect, the benefits that well-inflated pelvic muscles help correct posture and avoid injuries waist and knees. ”

ITEM FOUR – “When the squat and the deadlift is not enough. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the importance of strong gluteal muscles for anybody not a secret idea of ​​how they are developing in the majority rather vague.

All my life I  have buy testosterone cypionate and told you that in order to have strong buttocks, you must perform a variety of exercises: deep squats, deadlifts, lunges, etc. The problem with these recommendations is that they, though not groundless, but not indisputable… And most importantly, subject to modernization. ”

Making the “modernization” on the basis of the following:

The combination of strength training and “rope” (hereinafter – the aerobic capacity) in the room is perfect for women who want to get results as quickly as possible in the plotting of his body. In our case, we are talking about the gluteal muscles.

Today you are invited to high-intensity training in the gym with free weights  combined with intensive cardio. The goal – to change the “characteristic” athletes to increase while lifting up.

Explanations at the buttocks workout. Demarcated obzovem and add:

 – Strength training (load) is required for building muscles. It’s a tough stimulation and toning the most problematic areas and gluteal muscles especially. The first component.

 – “Rope” the simultaneous operation of a large group of muscles, enough for a long time training and rhythmic repetition of certain movements. The second component.

– Well. Of course, a balanced diet, as a third component.

Putting It All Together, both the subject of the “philosophy” of the buttocks, so that you can and read and try out in the hall, and make adjustments for the following:

“Rope” – is the first thing we have to do today to apply some special techniques in his “selfish” for the treadmill. For starters we recommend a 5-minute walk to the easy mode (adaptation to the movement of the belt plus a workout).

Then walking slowly turns into…

Exercise number 1 for the buttocks. Moving along the track with the help of attacks, the pace, however, remains the same (of the rotation speed of the track does not change)

The time of the movement chosen by you based on your body’s fitness.

2 minutes is enough to speed again go on walking, but through the same 2 minutes, when you feel that the legs and gluts are ready to continue “operations”, you have to perform even these 3 laps (turnover).

That is, in fact, we have a reducing walking, passing in the attacks, and attacks on, turning into walking.

Further – it is more difficult, but not by much. Walking is replaced by a light jog, and testosterone cypionate injection and attacks are no longer deep, and proportionate to the speed of movement of the track. Again 3 laps.

Next – even more difficult, and all in the same way. In the same move in a circular fashion movement around the track attacks, but sideways. The left (or right) – Forward (photo 2 and 3). The same 3 changes and change the course of the movement on the other side.

Apogee our use of the treadmill – reducing walking for 3 minutes. The total time is obtained by simple calculations with a warm-up 40-45 minutes.

Nuances. Movement technique is individual, but … In order to avoid injuries and most importantly – get results from training, and, therefore, enjoy the activities, you must consider the following:

  • There should be no discomfort, and even more pain in the joints;
  • You have selected the correct rhythm and dynamics of movements, feeling work just buttock should not leave you even when walking, extra brain impulses constantly include the buttocks, to keep them in suspense;
  • To bring the habit to move “right” to automatism;
  • Balanced, harmonious running almost silent, a good athlete almost “creeps” over the canvas, working in the same rhythm;
  • given time intervals, speed tracks, etc. -. It is not a dogma, load the choice is yours, quite acceptable as a temporary retreat in one direction or another, and retreat in the execution order.

Our №2 exercise for the buttocks. Simulator Smith.

Starting position – the plant’s shoulders under the bar, grip the neck palm top, the rotational movement of brushes release the locks and straightens up. The back is slightly caved in at the waist, press slightly tense. Legs pushed forward, with one foot cross on the other, the focus is on one of the legs, and thus when working with the setting on the right (left) leg as much as possible includes the right (left) the gluteus.

Squatting to a position where the thigh becomes parallel to the floor or slightly below – it increases the load on the buttocks. Do three sets with a focus on each leg – 10-12 reps (photo 4 and 5).

Exercise №3 to the buttocks. We have to work in the crossover (photos 6 and 7).

Starting position – take the handle of the lower unit with both hands, his back slightly caved in at the waist, press tense, feet shoulder width apart.

HOWTO: we begin to squat until thighs parallel with the floor, and again slightly below parallel, forced to push forward leg, gluteal retraction. From this position a strong effort thighs and buttocks back to the starting position. Three approaches for 12-15 reps.

Exercise №4 to the buttocks. Again, crossover, but the lower block is passed between the legs, hold the handle with both hands, legs shoulder width apart

Of course, no question of complete isolation in pumping and the “manufacture” of the buttocks , cannot speak, training somehow be associated with pumping thighs. However, when the result of an iron patience and perfect technique as a method of “struggle” with the genetics of impeccable shape “the bottom half” is guaranteed.

Conditions for muscle growth and testosterone cypionate injection

Whoever you are, beginner or green champion “Olympia”, in bodybuilding you live by the same rules and testosterone cypionate. They fixed the fundamentals of training, nutrition and recovery forces that determine the extreme muscle growth. They are gained decades of hard training practice, which has absorbed a brilliant victories and crushing failures. Just follow the proven methodologies and you win is guaranteed!


Regular stretching accelerates muscle growth. Unlocking the science has found recently. It turns out that at the time of stretching the muscle cell at the expense of system evacuation effect draws in the protein of the extracellular fluid. Yoga eats a fig, and therefore remains thin. High-protein diet will lead to the opposite result.

How to apply: After training intensively working muscles stretch 15-25 minutes.

Motivation for muscle growth

Under the influence of heavy training the mental tone inevitably falls. Thinking becomes dull, sleepy rolls, deteriorating memory … And, do not help either coffee or a special “Energy”.

Where does the desire to undertake training? Scientists say that to blame the testosterone cypionate for sale and monotony of mental strength exercises. Agree, team battle on the football field is a lot more fun than the monotonous repetition of the same movements in a confined space. Nevertheless, there is a solution. Most change the training program!

How to apply: Train cyclically! Every 2-2.5 weeks to radically change the nature of the training.

The basis for muscle growth

Remember, you, the bodybuilder, there are only three major exercises: squats, bench press and deadlift. This is followed by pulling heavy traction for back muscles and presses standing / sitting. All other exercises are optional. They practically do not add muscle.

Conclusion? Will return only the training program, which is built on the foundation of a limited number of basic movements. Failures in bodybuilding always explained only one reason: a lover does not “those” exercises.


How to apply: Focus on the squat, bench press and becomes. Persistently increase the operating weight. In all three exercises have critical power threshold beyond which they begin to grow rapidly total lean body mass? For the bench press – a figure of 125-130 kg in the squat – 130-150 kg, for becoming – 150-180 kg.

Muscle growth: Intervals

If you need to , do not buy into talk about the usefulness of jogging. Long cardio session at a moderate pace cause blood reflux to the legs and a long time is left without blood (and nutrients!) Muscles of the upper body. As a result, it begins to break down. Just this explains the well-known “pressed” the upper body in the marathon.

To prevent this from happening to you, apply cardio-interval. So it called a special kind of aerobics when you alternate fast running and restoring walking in a ratio of 1: 3. For example, you go all out rush on the track stadium exactly 20 seconds, then 1 minute walk, restoring breathing, then again embarks on a sprint …

Sprint race involves working all the muscles of the body, including the hands. He is not threatened by the muscles, but it burns a lot more calories. As shown by comparative experiments, “slots” much faster burn fat than traditional aerobics.

How to apply: After strength training spends interval cardio for 15-20 minutes.

Muscle growth and balance

All fundamental bodybuilder makes exercise standing. This means that its operating weight are directly dependent on the strength of the rack. What is important? The low position of the center of gravity! This means that you should be powerful columnar legs. While this is not, any exercise will be for you doubly difficult.

In fact, because with skinny legs your center of gravity is high and threatens the body tilting. It is useful not only fanatically swing legs, but also to do special exercises that improve the ability to stand on their feet: the body turns, tilts sideways, diagonal slopes, and so on.

How to apply: If your legs lack of muscle in a year and a half sighting swing legs. Other tasks for the future leave. At the same time hard rock the muscular corset waist.

Why pull?

The more you train, the better? No, if you shake my long, then apply relatively small weights. Meanwhile; the success in muscle pumping determines the value of your working weights. The more they are, the muscles grow faster.

Training with weights objectively critical turns short. So, the rule in bodybuilding is short but very intense workouts.

How to apply: Train no more than 30-45 minutes. Long training is akin to running a marathon and just destroys muscle.

It’s simple!

At high intensity is a simple secret: an hour and a half before a workout arranges a light meal, comprising both proteins and carbohydrates. Food increase in blood sugar level, which depends on the brain activity and, consequently, higher mental tone. Right on the eve of training should take a bit of whey protein and nitric oxide donators. Donator expands blood vessels and thus helps cerebral circulation. Despite the fatigue, thinking longer remains alive and acute.

How to apply: For an hour and a half before a workout take a cup of cottage cheese, eat a banana or a large apple. For 30 minutes before your workout, drink whey drink water (40 g of whey) and take donator of nitric oxide according to the instructions.

Rest should be able to!

Training – is a way to stress the impact on the muscles. Like any stress, strength training triggers a cascade of hormonal reactions response. The organism, in particular, starts to secrete large quantities of anabolic hormones. They make muscles grow during recovery.

Thus, the period of rest between workouts is the key factor of the training process. If you want to get extreme muscle size, you should make every effort to restore occurred as efficiently as possible.

How to apply: The period of recovery by all means, avoid nervous and physical stress. Try to get enough sleep, take high-calorie food, and spend outdoors longer.

Nature Help

Unbearable burning sensation in the final set mnogopovtornogo causes lactic acid. It is a byproduct of muscle contraction. An excess of an acid adversely affects the acid-base balance of the body. Blood becomes acidic, and vital enzymes, accustomed to work only natural slightly alkaline medium, refuse to work.

As a result, frustrated many anabolic reactions, and the muscles stop growing. That’s excessive enthusiasm leads to the opposite result – the impact of deaf stagnation. His contribution is negative and high-protein diet. It shifts the acid-alkaline balance in the direction of zakisleiiya.

The best means of prevention and testosterone cypionate cycle is the presence in the diet of fruits and vegetables. They successfully compete with the acidification of the body. Eat vegetables, salads and fruit every day.

How to apply: At least 2-3 times a day, prepare yourself fresh salads. Add to each meal at least one fruit.


Bodybuilding program for beginners and testosterone cypionate cycle

Note bodybuilding cannot be grasped at once, as well as much more. For example, the math. Around ways of teaching this subject is broken a lot of copies, but all teachers agree on one thing: it all begins with a simple action.

That’s the first thing you need to master the trinity of down-force exercises: bench press, squat and deadlift.

There were times when beginners in our sport trying to save from a troublesome work the pole. Ought to started with a pair of trainers so light gantlet.

However, time has shown that beginners who have not passed the severe quenching power, one and all are in bodybuilding outsiders. Thus, a response was received on the very sensitive issue of our sport, why is not every lover manages to pump up the muscles of the record? So many just have not been able to take the right start…

So, we offer you only correct a program of strength training for beginners who fail lasting neurophysiological foundation for your desire to get a powerful musculature.

The program ensures rapid and profound changes all life-support systems of the body, including your heart, blood, respiration, hormone metabolism and absorption of nutrients. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the system will save you from a typical freshman dyspnea and instead empower tireless athletic form!

However, much more will be surprised by others. After all error-free training program in our sport means rocket boost muscle.

Here you have a testosterone cypionate dosage and couple of months is unlikely someone will be able to learn. And do not react to the absurd accusation that you are, they say, from the first day addicted to steroids. We have something you know that from the beginning you got down to the “right” of bodybuilding..!

Workout for Beginners bodybuilders

You have to exercise 3 times a week on the same complex of 3 caps exercises: squat, bench press and deadlift.

Following these movements should be performed more and more exercise. The list varies from workout to workout.

Keep in mind that the so-called “core three” – a major exercise complex. These movements should be performed with utmost dedication.

First of all, together with the fear of your partner find out with what weight you are able to do in each of the basic exercises of 10 repetitions to “failure” (ie, to the complete inability of muscles to do one more repetition.)

This weight is considered to be the starting point for calculating the warm-up scheme for each exercise of the basic three.

So, here repeats the scheme:

  • Set 1 – 5 repetitions with the “empty” stamp,
  • Set 2 – 4 repetitions with a weight equal to 15-20% of your 10RM,
  • Set 3 – 5 repetitions with a weight equal to 15-20% of 10RM,
  • Set 4 – 4 repetitions with a weight of 30-40% of 10RM,
  • 5 Set – 3 repetitions with a weight of 45-60% of 10RM,
  • Set 6 – 2 reps with a weight of 60-75% of 10RM,
  • Set 7 – 1 is repeated with a weight of 90% of 10RM.

Moldova – a one-time maximum.

After this “warm-up” you will perform 3 working sets of 5 reps. It is worth emphasizing that in fact we are talking about an integrated system of 10 sets, which provides deep adapt to severe power operation and, in addition, raises great muscle mass!

Additional exercises require only one working sets of 8-10 repetitions. Each set is preceded by a warm-up set of 5 reps with a weight equal to 75% of your working weight in this exercise.

The training program for beginner’s
cycle 1 week 1-4

Before the start of training find out with what weight you are able to do 10 reps per set to “failure”. This weight is used to calculate the warm-up circuit of 7 sets.

After completing a week of training, the initial weight (for 10 repetitions) in the squat and deadlift should be increased by 5 kg in bench press-on 2.5 kg. Next you need to calculate the warm-up circuit again.

Thus, your warm-up sets will “grow heavy” from week to week.

This is followed by 3 working sets of 5 repetitions. In this case you should use the weight and buy testosterone cypionate, which may perform 6-8 repetitions. Provided that sets you pick 1-2 repetition to “failure”.

Remember, the “failures” under complete prohibition! Even more exercise! And here it is necessary to stop a repeat set 1-2 before the “failure”!

Between working sets 90 seconds rest.


Foods high in protein and testosterone cypionate

Bodybuilding classes require a special diet compliance. Proper nutrition in the sport – it’s half the battle! As many of you know, a special role in the diet on muscle growth plays foods high in protein.

Protein – a building material of muscle. Knowing this, many athletes as a supplement to the main meal, use a special protein shakes. Of course, it accelerates the growth of muscle mass. But not everyone can afford to constantly drink these cocktails. In this case, you need a more careful approach to the diet. For some people, it is enough to take in food protein products in large quantities and  buy testosterone cypionate. This approach is in compliance with the regime of the day and nutrition, nutrition – all of which help build muscle! Ideally, of course, would not be out at least sometimes to drink protein shakes.

The main products are high in protein

  1. Eggs.Egg whites are well absorbed by the body human.Eating 2 eggs, you get about 17 grams of protein to build muscle. Eggs have better after training, because they have a low calorie content, and do not contribute to the formation of fat.
  2. Cottage cheese.Only low-fat cottage cheese should be consumed in the diet.For easy digestion of cheese can be mixed with yogurt or yogurt, add a little sugar for taste and assimilation of protein.
  3. Cheese.This product has a high protein content.Cheese contains a lot of calories, so it is recommended to eat before a workout. Excess calories will burn during the workout.
  4. Poultry.Poultry meat – an excellent protein product, which is well absorbed by the body and is a low-calorie. Therefore, poultry meat can be included in the diet during dieting.
  5. Beef.Contains an excellent animal protein.It is recommended to eat beef boiled or stewed.
  6. Liver.Not very expensive, but a useful product having a high protein content.In the food are advised to eat better stewed.
  7. Fish.It is considered a dietary product that is rich in protein, it is well absorbed by the body.More protein contain the following types of fish: tuna, salmon, mackerel, pollack, anchovies, sardines and mullet.
  8. Soy.This is one of the most belkovosoderzhaschih plant products.From it you can make a lot of different dishes. Better use of soy as a garnish.
  9. Brussels sprouts.It has the highest protein content in comparison with other vegetables.
  10. Cereals.These products are well absorbed by the body, it helps to normalize digestion and very helpful person.

In conclusion I would like to say that proper nutrition – an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Look for  testosterone cypionate for sale, eat a lot of protein products well, but in your menu should be and other calorie-filled foods and vitamins. Ideally your daily menu should contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fat and a small portion.

Fitness and stress from taking testosterone cypionate

The feeling of stress and depressed state familiar to absolutely everyone. It is not many people know that one of the most effective ways of dealing with stress, emotional negative congestion – is regular physical activity (fitness classes) and the correct testosterone cypionate dosage. And even the simplest charging at home in the form of light exercise is able to remove the emotional stress, relax the body and make it more cheerful.

Psychological relaxation can occur both during training itself, and after it. All depends on a complex exercise, concentration and strength of negative activity. In general, regular physical exercise is always a positive effect on the state of our nervous system.

Physical activity as a way to restore the nervous system

Through brief fitness exercises, the body will feel much better. It is also proven that fitness activities can increase the level of self-esteem, which is too low for many people. Raising self-esteem will allow different look at the surrounding reality, to reduce the psychological fatigue. This confirms once again that fitness can actively combat stress during  testosterone cypionate cycle.

The level of physical activity, which is essential to relieve stress, to different people different. One fairly short evening jog. Another cannot do without the strength training in the gym. Some general relaxation receives only after working with the punching bag. Regardless of the type of training, regular physical activity not only helps to relieve stress, but also acts as an excellent way to create inner harmony.

It is proved that physically active people are more resistant to nervous breakdowns than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. During the lessons take place in the body for sports additional processes that are activated by the nervous system and restore psychological state. Also, after exercise the muscles recover. And this recovery flows into psychological relaxation.

Thus, constant physical activity trains not only our body but also cheer up, give us confidence and harden the nervous system!


Everything about stretching and testosterone cypionate injection

Stretching (Stretching) – a set of exercises designed to stretch the muscles, as well as to increase the flexibility of the body. Sportsmen and amateurs sports healthy lifestyle doing stretching with a different purpose. One needs a good stretch the leg muscles to perform kicks. Others need the splits and improve muscle flexibility. Third – just to maintain body shape, making it more flexible and athletic. As a result, regardless of the purpose, stretching all need!

Lines stretching (stretching)

– Active . You yourself made ​​efforts to stretch the muscles.

– Passive . Working in tandem with the assistant that you stretch.

– Dynamic . Stretching in motion, for example, attacks legs alternately in hand.

– Static . The most popular, as very helpful and available to all. Here you take a certain position in which the maximum stretch some muscles. After that, fix the position (rack) and so are still patiently 20-40 seconds. Then slowly get up to the starting position.

– Ballistic . This type of stretching the muscles more difficult and traumatic. It assumes springy movements, performing little jerks and swings, swinging. Therefore, these exercises to be performed accurately only after a good warm-up, and even better after a good smooth static stretching when muscles are more prepared to complex variations.

Doing stretching right and take testosterone cypionate!

Below are the main points that must be followed when stretching muscles. Let’s get started look for testosterone cypionate for sale.

  1. You need to “warm up” the muscles before starting the stretch.Sudden load on the muscles and ligaments without prior warm-up can not only lead to discomfort, but also in personal injury. Besides, not warmed to the “cold” body worse exercise, muscle bad stretch and with more pain.
  2. All stretching exercises do slow, controlled and without sudden movements.Even the “heated” the muscles can be injured if disregarded smooth and careful attention to employment.
  3. When you perform stretching exercises certain muscles need to relax as much as possible.Tense muscles are stretched worse.
  4. Performing stretching, stay back.The spine is straight, the back should not be twisted.
  5. Be sure to watch your breath while stretching.It is equally important for the stretching effect than muscle relaxation. In the initial position to breathe, and when stretched in the slopes – exhale. Breathe calmly, evenly and do not hold your breath.
  6. Try to stretch every day. Buy testosterone cypionate. Stretching should be systematic.
  7. When you need a complex stretching in the same amount of stretch all the muscles.If the train, for example, the legs, then let 5 minutes stretching his left leg, and the same on the right leg. All must be in combination and proportion.
  8. You can stretch the muscles, both independently and with the assistant.Typically partner helps in stretching the early stages of training. It is easier and more correct to stretch.

So, here are the basic rules of stretching. The most important thing – to perform stretching in its capabilities. In this case, the main thing to comply with the performance technique and systematically engaged. Then gradually over time you will notice the result. No need to wait for that 5-10 sessions you sit down on a twine or a leg to be able to raise his head. This is not just! And yet, it is not necessary to look at the others to chase their performance. Good stretching – it is the result of many years of constant training and a lot of patience. It is necessary for you to understand at once, in the first session on the stretch. So be patient and do!


Errors in the training complex and testosterone cypionate dosage

Some people involved in sports, not subjected to its maximum muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle cell volume). It is directly connected with the wrong approach to the training complex and the errors that make in training athletes (especially beginners). Let’s buy testosterone cypionate and consider the basic errors that said athlete bodybuilder Kelechi Opara.

  1. Killer Cardio

A great desire to train the cardiovascular system in the style of high-intensity interval training, causes includes 100% of the effort, and then – a short rest. Many believe this style of training (HIIT) cardio workouts best style. However, this is not entirely correct. This is because too much cardio training can slow down a set of muscle mass. HIIT-cardio workout in large quantities may interfere with many athletes in a set of muscle mass.

  1. Empty the neck

In order to process a set of muscle mass is well passed, the muscles should experience sufficient load. Constant stress not only increases the strength, but also contribute to the adaptation of the body to the next, more complex and lengthy training. Blank freeboard – it is very light weight. Therefore, significant effects should not expect from him. The process of building new muscle fibers is carried through progression and weight loads over an extended period of time. The smooth increase in the balance – the best way to effectively build muscle.

  1. Do not overdo it

Do not run right behind the heavy weights. It is necessary to take into account their physical abilities, as well as the existence of 2 major areas of muscle growth: myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. The first is the growth of muscle fibers, which are caused due to the adaptation to stress. Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy – this increase of muscle cells. Observe the balance between these types of hypertrophy. This will affect the success of any training.

  1. Phobia carbohydrates

Many people, especially young athletes are trying to get rid of the presence of excess fat, build muscle fast. And first of all drastically reduce the intake of fats and carbohydrates. If in this case fats is indeed necessary to reduce food, the carbohydrates is not the case. Carbohydrates – a source of energy, which is necessary for successful training in the gym and muscle growth. Also testosterone cypionate can help you.By reducing the intake of carbohydrates, the body does not get enough energy. Therefore, a full training with the expected effect can be forgotten. In addition, the body will get more stress, which is also a negative impact on training.


Endurance in athletes and testosterone cypionate.

The main factor that allows the athlete to carry out long-term effective training is strength endurance. In bodybuilding, endurance plays an important role. Thanks to her, the athlete performs a training process over a long time, and with greater efficiency.

Raise power endurance in bodybuilding can be 2 ways. First a more natural and long, demanding and time-consuming. This is achieved through special training and endurance exercise.

There is an easier way to build endurance, allowing the athlete in a short time to increase performance. This method is based on the acceptance of special additives and products that enhance the body’s endurance.

Express development of endurance

Caffeine is able to significantly improve performance through increased energy reserves, which the body has retained previously. When caffeine is an accumulation of free glycogen in the muscle fibers. This stimulates increased efficiency. Caffeine also has beneficial effects on the body’s metabolism.

It is necessary to monitor the amount of caffeine intake. According to many people, a small percentage of single caffeine before workouts will increase endurance. Abuse dose of caffeine will lead to a negative work cardiovascular system. Also, a large percentage of caffeine slows the absorption of glucose, which promotes protein synthesis .

Everyone knows that the main source of energy – it’s carbohydrates and testosterone cypionate. A large number contained in food. However, for intensive training many athletes do not have enough amounts of carbohydrates obtained their food. They start to use testosterone cypionate injection. They therefore complement the supply of carbohydrates different sports cocktails.

Carbohydrate drinks has long won the trust of the athletes. This drink allows for a short time to restore the supply of consumed carbohydrates provide the body with the necessary liquid share, as well as to restore the lost power. Admission carbohydrate beverages are usually carried out at the beginning of the workout.


Eating carbohydrate beverages during prolonged training will restore power faster, reduce muscle fatigue. After his admission, the athlete continues, as before, to do the exercises in full force. The best time of the cocktail reception – half an hour after the beginning of the workout.

In addition to the carbohydrate shake, there is another good sports food supplement – creative. It is a popular dietary supplement among athletes. Provides not only increase endurance when bodybuilding, but also stimulates the growth of athletic performance. Part of the creative athletes gets from the conventional products, but this is often not enough therefore, it is desirable to use this dietary supplement.

Food additives are well develop endurance. However, in the early stages you should always use the minimum portion and be sure to monitor the reaction of the organism. If there are no side effects, can improve their content.

Generally, improving endurance bodybuilding through supplementation takes always a certain pattern, which is calculated individually depending on the athlete’s physical and metric data, intensity and frequency of workouts.